ART_STERN_SQArt Stern grew up in New York in the 50’s and spent a considerable amount of time visiting the clubs and piano bars in Manhattan where his style evolved.  He was able to hear Bill Evans, Cy Walter, Teddy Wilson, Marion McPartland and Oscar Peterson to name a few of the the greats.  Those were times when you could sit down and have a drink or two at a piano bar or hotel lounge for a few dollars.  He “inhaled” the flavor of these piano stylists and picked up some of what they were doing.  Luckily, he had a great ear and could replicate many of the phrases he heard.  Art studied under John Mehegan who was a protégé of Teddy Wilson and learned a great deal about jazz improvisation from him.



Art has been living in Dallas for the past 30 years and had been involved in the food and advertising businesses during this period, but always available to do a party or event honing his piano styling skills.  In a few words, his music is great listening music and evokes strong interest with his unusual harmonies, and chords, with a jazz feeling, but still true to the melodies of Gershwin, Porter, Arlen and Berlin among others.  Please listen to the treatment of some of his recorded tunes.  You will note the variety and interest in his playing.